Reading 1
The book starts off with Marcus in his classroom and in the middle of class he gets called down to one of the three vice principles offices. This particular principal does not like Marcus. The principal attempts to get Marcus into admitting some of the many rules he has broken. After his questioning from the principal, Marcus heads back to class. In class he notices that there is a new clue for a puzzle game that he and his friends play. He contacts his team in the game to meet him where the clue leads in their homet
A picture of the bay bridge, which was the main target of the attacks
A picture of the bay bridge, which was the main target of the attacks
own of San Francisco. Once they arrive to where the clue leads, something horrible happens. At first they think it's just an earthquake, which is common place in California, but it turns out to be a terrorist attack. Soon after the attack in the confusion, one of Marcus' good friends Daryl is stabbed. While trying to flag down one of the emergency vehicles which are flocking toward the bombsite he stops an unmarked humvee, at which point he and his friends are subdued by an unknown force. Marcus is interrogated in some sort of mobile jail that has been set up in the back of a 16 wheeler truck and is once again iterrogated after being transported to an island jail. During the secon interrogation he caves and gives them the password to his phone, which they believe to contain vital information about the attack.
an interrogation, similar to the one that marcus was forced into.
an interrogation, similar to the one that marcus was forced into.

Toward the beginning of the book I was having a hard time getting into it, I was hoping that it wouldn’t just start with a hundred pages of him being in school but it actually did pick up very fast. Once I got to page thirty I started to get into it because soon after that the attack happens and its very exciting trying to guess what’s going to happen once he is arrested by the unmark humvee that ends up being some sort of government group investigating the attack.
- Marcus is a big gamer which could be something to research
- Some of the different kinds of technology used
- San Francisco which is the main setting is another research topic
- The BART station is mentioned numerous times throughout chapters two and three
- The department of homeland security
Reading 2
Marcus finally complies with what ends up being the The Department of Homeland Security. After a few more given up passwords they tell Marcus that he will be released from his incarceration. He makes the same trip he did on his way to the prison, again with a bag over his head the entire way. Upon release Marcus finds himself with two of his good friends Van and Jolu, both of which were with him when the attack took place. The only problem is that Daryl is still missing. Marcus and his friends sit down and discuss their treatments at the prison only to learn that Marcus, due to his early refusal to cooperate, was treated very harshly in comparison to his friends. The three friends decide that no one needs to know about what happened not even their families. They al
so go on to learn that both the bay bridge and the BART system, which is a transportation system, were the targets of the attacks. Upon returning home Marcus discovers that his computer has been bugged, he then proceeds to serch for bugs throughout his room. The next day Marcus creates a new secure way to use the internet, using an Xbox, which he calls XNET. Later on Marcus is walking home when he notices two men who appear to be police officers following him; they soon detain him and start questioning him. Once he finds out that they only pulled him over because he had unusual travel pattern he vowed that he would topple the ridiculous spying mechanisms that the Department of homeland Security had implemented and he plans on using Cyber crime to do so. He tells his friends what happened and they have very differing reactions. Van is fully against the idea of going up against a government agency but Jolu gladly agrees to help. That night Marcus and Jolu set out to write a computer code that could help them confuse the DHS' tracking systems by having individuals travel histories switched, so that they start questioning the wrong people.
This part of the book was when I really started to enjoy it. It got very interesting knowing that he was always in danger. It’s also very interesting knowing that he’s going directly against a government agency but he is still doing it for a good cause.

-Computer hacking
-long term effects of being held against ones will after release
-bugged/wired rooms
-government spying/tracking
-computer coding to encrypt files
Reading 3
Jolu and Marcus throw a party for some of their trusted friends to find people to help them rebel against the DHS, while also staying in contact using secure encrypted messages that the DHS won't be able to decipher. During the party all of the attendees swap contact information so that they can contact each other without the DHS knowing
this is computer cyphering which is some of what Marcus uses to take down the DHS
this is computer cyphering which is some of what Marcus uses to take down the DHS
. Marcus meets a girl named Ange at the party who he talks to later that night and agrees to go th a concert with her the next weekend. Soon after the two leave the concert, it is raided by the DHS. Gas and riot shields are used to shut it down, and aprhend the concert goers. The next day the raid was all over the news; this infuriated the youth of San Francisco only further justifiying Marcus' actions. Throughout the story Ange and Marcus keep meeting and coming up with more ways to slow the DHS down. Marcus returns to school only to find out that his teacher has been replaced by one that doesn't exactly accept his open ideas, and gets him suspended. The DHS soon starts to catch onto M1ck3ys (Marcus' anonymous name while on the XNET) actions. In a conversation with his mother, Marcus reveals what happened on the day of the attack. Soon his parents have him tell a reporter who plans to do her research and release a story about it. In the next couple of days Marcus gets in contact with someone named Masha who plans to help Marcus escape San Francisco and become a fugitive, but not without Ange who he has come to love.
The story is starting to get a lot less interesting and very repetitive. Another thing that I don’t like is how much detail is put into explaining the computer things in the story, it takes something that needs hardly any explaining at all and .
-anonymous computer chatting
-encrypted computer chatting
- concert permits
-becoming a fugitive.
-cameras in classrooms
Reading 4
Marcus creates a flash mob by telling all of the XNET users that they should meet and play a game called LARP or live action role playing so they have a distraction while the
A picture of water boarding which happens to marcus towards the end of the story
A picture of water boarding which happens to marcus towards the end of the story
two of them escape. Marcus and Ange prepare to flee to Los Angeles. The plan goes wrong and the couple get seperated, Marcus finds Masha and they escape to a getaway truck. Before the truck leaves San Francisco however Marcus has a change of heart and decides to continue the fight against the occupation of the DHS and escapes from Masha and the truck. Marcus steals Masha's phone which has a picture of Marcus with Daryl to prove he was there the day of the terrorist attack. This picture could prove that Marcus wasn't just lying about being kidnapped by the DHS. While running Marcus meets up with a couple of M1ck3ys followers. They help him out and he gets the pictue to the reporter who wrote the original story to prove what has happened to Daryl. Soon after he gets the picture to the reporter he is hunted down, captured and hauled back to the prison he was taken to before by the DHS. They take him into a dark room where they proceed to water board him. Just minutes after the interrogation begins a group of California state trooper break in and apprehand the DHS, they are closely followed by the reporter who tells Marcus the DHS is being removed from California and that he will be reunited with his friends, which he is.

This portion of the book I found very predictable I knew he could escape from Masha, and I also knew that he had to get the photo to the reporter, and of course predicted that he would be captured by the DHS. The only part that I didn’t see coming was that the book came to such an abrupt. I didn’t like it, because one moment he was on the verge of death but the next the book was over.
-Tortue used by government
-state police
-governors control of state police
-California highway Patrol
-syndromes related to being held captive