Little Brother

Wiki By: Zack Bonser
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Journal Entry # 1
Little Brother By: Cody Doctorow
Pages 1-70
Zack Bonser

The book Little Brother starts off about a student named Marcus or called at school by w1n5t0n. He is a senior at Cesar Chavez High school in San Francisco. This kid is a very smart boy, in his school there is much security and he is able to bypass it by hacks and with gadgets he has. It is a great day for Marcus because new clues are coming out for and online game that he plays with his friends called Harajuku Fun Madness. This game consists of deciphering clues that are given to you at wifi signals and you have to research the clues to find the next wifi point in the game. Marcus is the team leader of his group. His group members are Darryl, Van, and Jolu. Their group decided to get a head start of everyone else in the game. In order to do this they ditched school. While doing this Marcus and Darryl run in to a few problems. Darryl has a library book and the school can track these, so they have to “nuke” it. Once they all meet up after school they start their game and got done with the first clue and found the wifi signal. When they found the signal, another group threatens to post a picture online that they were not in school, in order to get them to leave the site of the next clue. While the group is arguin,g a loud boom come forth them. Then sirens go off saying "get underground or to a shelter". While Marcus’s group is trying to leave they decide to go back, because there were to many people pushing and hurting everyonein order to get into the shelter. While they left the mob of people, Marcus' friend Darryl got stabs in the side and is on the ground bleeding. Marcus decides to try to stop one of the cars that are going to the site of where the bomb is going off. Once he gets a car to stop, he is abducted by Homeland Security. While in captivity they take him onto a ship and question him. They think he was part of the terrorist attack. They ask him to unlock his phones information, give them email usernames and passwords, and decode his memory sticks. Marcus at first said no because there was personnal information on them, but then Homeland Security took away many things from him, his friends, pride, and dignity. After all of this, being captive on a ship, they made him a deal to sign a waiver saying he belongs to them and he would give them all the information on his devises. Also he is always going to be watched by them and if he does one thing wrong they will be there to take him away.

So far I have enjoyed this book very much. It appeals to my teenage mind. I definitely would recommend it to everyone who wants a book to read. It very action packed in the mind of a teen, so you can relate to it more. For example he kept the readers entertained even in boring spots of the text like when they are walking around outside of school and then the bomb goes off and during the whole thing the author kept me entertained and made me want to keep reading. Great book so far, can’t wait to finish it.

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Homeland Security
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Journal Entry #2

Little Brother by: Cory Doctorow
Pages: 70-150
Zack Bonser

From page 70 to page 150 a lot has happened to Marcus and his friends. DHS (Department of Homeland Security) let Marcus and his friends go, from being held captivity for around 5 or 6 days. Marcus decided to find his friend Darryl no matter what. He vows he is going to bring down the DHS. Once he gets home he makes up a lie to his parents, saying that he was just stuck at a camp by the bomb site. He didn't want his parents to freak out if he told them the truth about the DHS abducting him, also he wanted to get back at them himself. Once he goes on his laptop he realizes something is wrong. So he takes apart the computer and finds that it is bugged and he starts to become paranoid, he convinces himself that his every step is being watched so he starts to use an encrypted xbox to play games and talk to people over the internet. After he gets tons of people to start encrypting their stuff to stay private, he realizes that it is suspicious activity to see so many encrypted file. So he decides to make everyones files encrypted so he would look average to the government. Once Marcus does this he makes it hard for the DHS by scrambling the IDs of the civilians to make it look like they have been committing suspicious activities and they would interrogate them. This angers the whole city. Since the DHS realizes that what they are doing is not catching the terrorist they get another raise of government funding so that they can investigate everyone in the city. No one likes this because it is taking away the right of their privacy.

Right now the book is going a little bit slower than the beginning of the book, but I still find enjoyment in reading this book. I like that I can relate to the kid on wishing everyone would respect your privacy. One thing that I liked a lot about this story was that when Marcus decides not to tell them what really happened to him, I like this because I can relate to that making decisions on what to tell my parents or not.This book has been great so far and I am really looking forward to finishing it and probably will over spring break. I would recommend this to all teenage boys. It is a page turner and you learn a lot from reading it, especially about computers.

Golden Gate Bridge
Golden Gate Bridge

Programing language (python)
BART in San Francisco
Golden Gate bridge
Bay Bridge

Entry #3
Zack Bonser
Little Brother by: Cody Doctorow

In the third section of the book Little Brother that I have been reading a lot has happen to Marcus and his friends. So for some background information on what happened before was that Van and Marcus stopped talking to each other because Van felt that what Marcus was telling people was wrong. As Marcus finds out that some DHS people have gotten onto Xnet on his Xbox, he decides to start a web of trust. This is when people get together in person to exchange a key so they can send secret encrypted messages to each other. Marcus and Jolu set up a party with beer at the beach so there are no DHS agents watching them. Once they set up the whole party Jolu tells Marcus that he wants out of this whole plan. This was because he doesn’t want to get thrown away forever. He believes that he will get a worse punishment than Marcus because of his race. Once at the party Marcus convinces everyone to join in on the web of trust. He also meets a girl named Ange. At the first moment he saw her he liked her a lot. They go for a walk on the beach to destroy the laptop they used to make the keys for everyone. While this happened a spark lit in their relationship. Later on Marcus hangs out with her more and they become boy friend and girlfriend. One day a reporter asks Marcus to do an interview anonymously, he decides to do it, but only under his terms. So he tells the reporters to get on Xnet and join in a game and he will answer any questions they have. Right before this happens Marcus and Ange get very physical and end up on the ground naked together, but once he realizes the conference with the reporters is about to start they quickly get dressed and go onto Xnet. After the reporters got some questions answered for their reports they sent out, it made the users of Xnet look like teen terrorists. This angered Marcus a lot and he wanted to stop this whole thing because it was hurting people like Van said it would. After talking about ending the plan with Ange they get in a fight and haven’t talked for a while. That’s the third section of the book for you.

So far I have loved this book it has been very entertaining and page turning. I never really have enjoyed reading before, but this book really showed that some books out there are fun to read. Also one thing that really interested me in this section in the book was the web of trust that he uses to talk secretly with the people he trusts. I was just wondering how it would work with a public and private key so i researched it myself and i found it to be very interesting and liked learning about it. Furthermore I can’t wait to finish this book and to see what happens to his friend Dayrrl. I would recommend this book to any one, especially teenagers. Very appealing to my mind!

Hippies and Yippies
Sixities and seventies peaceful protesting
Bill of Rightsexternal image Bill-of-Rights.jpg
Web of Trusts/Key codes

Entry #4
Little Brother by: Cory Doctorow

The last section of this book was entertaining. First, Marcus losses his virginity to his new girlfriend Ange. After this happens they are contacted by two important people. First was a boy named Zeb, he was being held captive at the same place that Marcus was being held. He told Marcus that he had escaped the place and that his friend Darryl was still alive. This motivates Marucs even more to go find him. After he reads the note Zeb left him in his room, his mom finds Marucs crying in his room and Marcus eventually tells his parents what really happened while he was going from the bombing. This angered his parents a lot and they lost all trust in the DHS. Then Marcus’s mom sets a meeting up with a trusted news reporter and Macus tells her everything. From the boat he was held on to him being M1k3y on Xnet. While this is all going on, he gets an encrypted email from a user he doesn’t recognize, this ends up to be a teen girl that has been forced to work for the DHS. She decided she wants to get out of the DHS, so she tells Marcus that they are getting close to him and he needs to run. He finally comes to a decision of running away with this Masha girl that says she’s going to help them get away from DHS and find his friend. In order to get out of town without DHS finding out they need cover, so Marcus tells the Xnet people to play a game at 8 o’clock in the morning outside in an open square. Over 400 people show up and the DHS is distracted, but while running away Marcus looses Ange and Masha refuses to let him go get her. Then he gets angry with her, so he beats her up. Then eventually the DHS finds Marcus as they are water boarding him the city’s police break in and arrest all of the DHS people. Then Marcus is reunited with his best friend Darrly.

This whole book has gotten me interested in reading. I don’t know if it was the intense scene of the bombing or the genius ideas Marcus has throughout the book, but I loved this book. I really started to enjoy it when I could relate to it. For example, When Marcus was talking about all the games he plays online and plays Xbox I can relate to that because I play Xbox and love online games too. This book also appealed to me because I felt that it informed me on a lot of event that I didn’t even know about, such as the Hippies protesting at the Pentagon and how the hippies got started with peaceful protesting. Over I have really enjoyed this book and I am looking forward to finding another teenager appealing book to read.

LARPing – The role playing game Marcus played
LA- where Marcus was going to run away to from the DHS
Tunneling information over the internet- what Masha told Marucs to do to use internet
Bill of rights- What Marcus tries to use against his teacher in a debate
Teen manipulation- what happens to Masha now shes working for DHS